About the Ministry

The Christian Internet Ministry is a non-denominational ministry dedicated to reflecting God's love for His children throughout the world. We are led by the Holy Spirit, through prayer, to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The ministry is based in Sierra Vista, Arizona, USA, and is available to all who seek a Christian view to their everyday challenges. 

The ministry is intended to be one of involvement for those seeking The Lord. In addition to spiritual messages, it provides visitors the ability to submit prayer requests and to submit requests for advice and counseling. We invite you to review each of the individual services provided for an in-depth view of how each service operates. All services provided by the ministry are free of charge and there is no obligation associated with any service.

The Christian Internet Ministry is a memorial to the founder's late wife, Bea J. Ferris (June 6, 1933-December 5, 1996), and mother, Mae Ferris (May 23, 1910-June 17, 1996). 


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